Ben Du
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  • Ben Du

  • bendu [at] ucsd [dot] edu

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  • UC San Diego

  • 9500 Gilman Dr 0404

    La Jolla, CA 92093


I am a PhD student at the University of California, San Diego in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I am advised by KC Claffy and Alex Snoeren. My research interest is in Internet Measurement and Interdomain Routing. My current research focuses on measurement-based geolocation of IP addresses and the ecosystem of Internet address space movement. I work at the Sysnet and CNS research groups at Computer Science and Engineering, and at CAIDA at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Before starting my PhD, I obtained my B.S. in Computer Science here at UC San Diego with a minor in Organic Chemistry (wet labs are fun!). I also studied Spanish and Dutch for my interest in human languages.


  • San Diego, CA, US July 2020
    Obtained my M.S. as a milestone in the PhD journey.

  • Zoom, Virtual April 2020
    Successfully presented my research exam survey.

  • Rotterdam, NL + Amsterdam, NL October 2019
    Presenting in RIPE79 and attending IMC 2019.




Interesting Things About Me

I am on the streetlamp banners at 2 locations on campus: 1 near Pepper Canyon Hall, 1 near Sun God Lawn. Find me!

I collect sunglasses from campus events and career fairs. I have collected 30+ pairs so far.

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